Here's Where it Went Wrong

Magic: When They Started Setting Smart Women on Fire (with Paula Skaggs)

Episode Summary

Andrew and Wen are joined by Paula Skaggs for a special Halloween episode! Together they trace the history of magic, through the ancient world up through where it went very wrong, in the Witch Trials and Purges. Join them for a hilarious conversation about the incredible history of magic, witches, and the INSANE origins of magic tropes still around today!

Episode Notes

Wen and Andrew sit down with the always hilarious writer and comedian Paula Skaggs! In honor of Halloween they dig deep to find the very first written record of magic, and then follow its trail all throughout history! Including its presence in science, religion, different cultures, and then where it went so wrong, in 300 years of Witch Trials. From the very first recorded witch trial to Salem, and so many you never heard about in between! We couldn’t believe the obscure and fascinating facts found for this episode, and somehow, as it always does, dog magic comes back again!

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